Transformational Coaching Program

unspecified-1Do you have an unfulfilled longing? A challenge, or a big goal that you just can’t seem to meet? Could you use more support and direction?

I’ll bet you’re already successful in many areas of your life. You’ve done some “inner work”. You’re aware. Perhaps you hired a life coach in the past. But you’re NOT yet FULLY happy with your life. You know you have more to give, more to experience and more to receive.

Perhaps you’re:

  • frustrated with the same negative patterns that keep repeating themselves, but you just can’t break through them on your own
  • overwhelmed with responsibilities, and intend to manage your time & energy to pursue the changes you want to make, but you keep getting side tracked
  • tired because you’ve already tried everything, and afraid if this doesn’t work, you might give up

Hi, my name is Francisca Michel.  As your life coach, I serve as your partner in finding self-love, self-acceptance, and personal growth. I am part coach, part “partner-in-believing”, part teacher and part practitioner. My goal is to guide you in discovering the life issues that are keeping you stuck, in discerning how to resolve them, and to elicit from within you the solutions and new ways of being that allow you to live more of the life you wish to live.

The Transformational Coaching Program is designed to assist you in

  • regaining a deep sense of confidence
  • rekindling your passion
  • clarifying your purpose
  • discovering your personal power

If the pain of staying stuck has become greater than the fear of change, you’re likely ready for this work.

The best way to get a sense of how we would work together is to book a 20 minute complimentary consultation. Call or text 323 401 7156.

Looking forward to helping you create a life you love.


Here’s what others say about Francisca’s work:

“As a clinical psychologist of thirty-two years, I’ve had years of personal psychotherapy. Yet, without a doubt, my recent “Designer Journey” with Francisca was the most amazing and gratifying work I’ve ever done. In less than three hours I was able to fully and finally resolve a childhood trauma I’d worked on many times with a number of “master” therapists. With Francisca’s compassionate support and uncommon skill, I was able to find forgiveness in my heart and with it, a sense of freedom and happiness I could have never imagined.” ~ Stanley Wilson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, WA 

Hunter Fite“Exploring the journeywork with Francisca has been one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life. As an artist I have been able to express myself with much more freedom and confidence, trusting the very core of my instincts, of my soul.” Hunter Fite, Actor, CA

Jafree Ozwald“Francisca has the ability to see through to your core issue and help you get beyond it. She’s a natural healer. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is very fortunate.” Jafree Ozwald, LifeCoach, CO

“For more than 12 years I lived my life in fear, anxiety hiding from peopleOshrat Elka and from my own self, being in an unhealthy marriage, I felt dead from the inside. I decided to see Francisca. One session that’s all it took for me to bring the light into my life.  Today I live my life from a positive and a happy place. I feel freedom.” Oshrat Elka, Business Owner, CA

Sylvie Obledo“With Francisca’s help, I created and manifested specific dreams in a short period of time. This included a breakthrough role in a play. In my work with Francisca, I’ve also learned about and healed some very old wounds that set up behavior patterns that were not serving me. She steps out of the way and opens herself to Divine’s guidance. I am deeply grateful for her in my life.” Sylvie Obledo, Brand Specialist, Actress, CA