What others are saying

“As a clinical psychologist of thirty-two years, I’ve had years of personal psychotherapy. Yet, without a doubt, my recent “Designer Journey” with Francisca was the most amazing and gratifying work I’ve ever done. In less than three hours I was able to fully and finally resolve a terrifying childhood trauma I’d worked on many times with a number of “master” therapists. With Francisca’s compassionate support and uncommon skill, I was able to find forgiveness in my heart and with it, a sense of freedom and happiness I could have never imagined.” ~ Stanley Wilson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, WA (Dr. Stanley Wilson has kindly offered to serve as a reference for prospective clients who would like to talk to someone who has worked with Francisca. Please contact Francisca for his phone number.)

Hunter Fite“Exploring the journey work with Francisca has been one of the most powerful one-on-one healing experiences of my life. Francisca creates a safe and loving environment and allows you to simply jump off into a deep and meaningful spiral of emotions till you reach the other side, which is experiencing your own soul. Layer after layer you will come to terms with old tantrums and pains and start a forgiving and healing process. As an artist I have been able to express myself with much more freedom and confidence, trusting the very core of my instincts, of my soul. I will never be able to thank Francisca enough for the empowerment I have accessed through the journey and strongly believe she has a God given gift for this type of work.” Hunter Fite, Actor, CA

Abhinav A. Mehta“I used Francisca’s services for providing cellular healing for my clients who are suffering from chronic terminal disease. The feedback was very positive. All of my clients found Francisca very personable and developed trust in her immediately. I thank her on the great work she is doing to help people with difficult situations. I strongly recommend her services for everyone.” Abhinav A. Mehta, CA

Oshrat Elka“For more than 12 years I lived my life in fear, anxiety, hiding from people and from my own self, being in an unhealthy marriage, I felt dead from the inside. I decided to see Francisca. One session that’s all it took for me to bring the light into my life. After that session I had courage to do things, to create, I felt motivated. I opened up a catering business and after a year I became a massage therapist.  I became social like I have never been in my life. Today I live my life from a positive and a happy place. I feel freedom. I highly recommend Francisca as a practitioner to Everyone.” Oshrat Elka, Business Owner, CA

Jafree Ozwald“The journey’s I had with Francisca were very healing and insightful. She has the ability to see through to your core issue and help you get beyond it. She helped me to have more love and compassion for myself while also allowing me to see what my old habit/pattern was more clearly. She’s a natural healer. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is very fortunate.” Jafree Ozwald, LifeCoach, CO

“I thought I’d have difficulties with this type of work because I’ve found any kind of mediation exercise hard in the past. But I’ve been wanting to quit smoking for years, so I thought I’d at least try. It turned out that it didn’t matter that I felt I wasn’t going ‘deep enough’ because fact is that, after, I quit smoking. I have tried to quit countless times and found it was like I was denying myself something I wanted. This time it feels like I never smoked. The craving is gone.”  Samantha F., Financier, CA

“Francisca Michel is an insightful, thoughtful, and talented facilitator Sylvie Obledoof DreamBuilding and JourneyWork. Her nuanced approach with these individual modalities and knowledge of how to combine them as needed has touched the quadirinity of my life in a very deep, loving, and positive way. With her help, I created and manifested specific dreams in a short period of time. This included a breakthrough role in a play. In my work with Francisca, I’ve also learned about and healed some very old wounds that set up behavior patterns that were not serving me. She steps out of the way and opens herself to Divine’s guidance. I am deeply grateful for her in my life.” Sylvie Obledo, Brand Specialist, Actress, CA

Bob Levy“The joy I felt from deep within my being was indescribable. Through this process called “The Journey”, I had been escorted by a gentle, loving, caring voice with the skill and talent of a master artisan into this place of freedom… Thank you for your commitment to serving truth and for partnering me in this, my Journey of healing.” Bob Levy, Life Coach, MI