The Journey / Emotional Healing

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If you have anything going on emotionally that you just can’t get through, a journey process can help you “clear your inner slate”!

The Journey™ is:

  • a guided visualization in which the emotional root-cause of one’s issue can be resolved
  • a simple, yet powerful step-by-step method
  • used to overcome emotional issues, relationship problems, career or performance issues, physical ailments and disease
  • used in 32 countries, translated into 25 languages
  • critically acclaimed

When you receive a Journey Process, you may:

  • experience an emotional release
  • feel empowered by coming to terms with issues from the past
  • be guided to forgive yourself and others
  • rediscover that you have all the answers inside
  • experience Source and unconditional self-love

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I use aspects of this method in my life coaching program. 


It helps my clients to “drop in” deeply into their essence. To allow emotions to flow, free up life-force energy, and “clear the inner slate”.


You need to have clarity to be free to feel where your heart is pulling you. 


deepak-chopraBest-Selling Author Dr Deepak Chopra on The Journey Method “When I said that no one can honestly claim to know the cure for breast cancer, I was telling a half truth. If a patient could promote the healing process from within, that would be the cure for cancer.”

th-1Candace Pert, PhD, Internationally Recognized Pharmacologist, Author of “Molecules of Emotion” “The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with physical challenges in their lives, but those seeking spiritual understanding.”

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Cinnamon Nuhfer talking about what the emotional healing part of the Coaching Program did for her and why it had to come first…

What to expect from a Journey Process:

The session will begin with a brief conversation to elicit the core of the issue you wish to work on. I will then guide you into a meditative, relaxed state. Journeywork can be described as a guided visualization and is best done sitting up in a comfortable position. You will be awake and alert during this process – not under hypnosis. Your awareness will be on your body, and on your breathing. You will identify the feelings, which are strongest in your body in the moment. During the process a crucial memory may come up spontaneously. You do not have to ‘prepare’ any memories. Whatever needs to come up will come up by itself during the process. At an imaginary, safe campfire you will be encouraged to dialog and ’empty out’ with the people who are involved with your memory and are related to your issue. I will guide you to a place of resolve from where forgiveness and ‘letting go’ flow naturally.


How to look after yourself after a session: 

  • Arrange time for yourself immediately after the session – time to integrate your healing process.
  • Be gentle with yourself: Deep emotional healing results in a great deal of activity on the cellular level.
  • To assist the integration process, drink plenty of healthy fluids, water, herbal teas, or lemon water, to flush out the toxins which have been released from your cells.
  • Take care of yourself physically – maybe a hot bath (add some sea salt to replenish), some healthy soup, perhaps a massage, a walk, and an early night.

Why Emotional Healing: 

When we experience negative emotions in our life and we don’t resolve these emotions healthily, they may get stored in our consciousness within our cells and ‘negative cell memories’ may be created in our body. Because of cell regeneration, unresolved emotions from our childhood may still effect us today. Emotional healing is designed to help resolve health issue at their emotional root cause.


It seems that through the process of resolving the negative emotions surrounding the issue, and coming to an energetic letting go through forgiveness, the body then lets go of the “need” to hold onto the issue, and consequently is able to heal  itself within the time it takes for the organs or tissue to regenerate itself; This is why the Journey™ pioneer Brandon Bays was able to heal from a large tumor in her uterus in a few weeks without surgery or drugs, simply by doing this inner work.

Value and Benefits:

Journeywork can have the therapeutic effect of several years of therapy, and then some. In Journeywork you have the chance to resolve emotional and/or physical issues at their emotional root cause level. This means that you are not treating the symptoms of an issue, but you are taking the issue out by its root. Because of the power and effectiveness of this method, women who were told they couldn’t have babies have given birth, people have healed from ‘terminal disease’, have found self-love and inner peace.


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